How to create a morning success routine

The Early Bird Gets the Worm

Most of us spend the first few moments of our morning rebelling against our alarms, preparing lunch for our kids, grabbing a coffee, and sprinting out the door. Instead of this rush-rush routine, try incorporating a schedule into your morning. The only way this is possible is to get up earlier.

Sounds crazy right? Science tells us that professionals should take the morning to dedicate time to their top priorities before the needs of others fill their day. It is important to take a look at the morning habits of the successful. Successful people set aside a particular time of the day (the morning) that contributes to their overall achievements in and out of the office. These may seem like miniscule changes, but they WILL make a difference. First, consider two key components.

1. Self-control unravels in the evening

2. Strength turns to weak from overuse- get the important things done FIRST

Many of us can relate to evening cravings that become hard to resist once we unwind after a long day. Chips? Chocolate? Ice cream? Poor self-control plays a role in this. What does the morning time have to offer (before breakfast)? First and foremost, the morning has the potential to create a fresh and well-rested individual. With a rejuvenated mind and body, we are prepared to tackle the most challenging tasks of the day.

Let that willpower kick in! Turn your focus on being productive rather than busy and overwhelmed with tasks. The little things matter and will influence the outcome of your day.

Let’s take a look at some of the simple habits you should try tomorrow morning before you walk out the door…

Think Thankful Thoughts

Remind yourself that everything you do has a purpose- be thankful for the opportunity you have each day to make a difference. Big or small, express gratitude before you get grinding. Think thankful thoughts every time you brush your teeth, hit the shower, or get dressed. Refocus your outlook on things and uplift your mood. Remember, happy people are the prettiest people!

Slow and Steady Wins the Race- Meditate

This took me a long time to actually figure out. After several attempts, I found an appreciation for the simplicity of deep breathing and contemplation. I discovered that I had the power to eliminate excess stress from my life. Meditation gave me the ability to transform my mind from negative to positive, emotions from unhappy to happy. Taking a moment or two to head outside and breathe in the crisp air goes a long way.

It’s Hard Being Popular (via Email)

Most successful people begin the day with checking email in the morning. Constantly overloaded with incoming mail, aren’t we all so popular? I always remember to prioritize when it comes to tackling copious amounts of e-mails. Respond to messages that need urgent attention then prioritize the rest. For me, once the time comes to undertake other challenges, I know my e-mails are already out of the way.

Go H2o

We need water to survive and thrive. Research suggests that drinking water in the morning (before coffee) gets you ready for the day. Many successful people admit to drinking water immediately when they arise. I don’t go a morning without having at least one glass before I walk out the door. I have experienced positive changes thanks to water such as increased hydration, a faster metabolism, and better awareness. Drink up!

Fit it in

The most popular habit among top professionals is working out. Such busy people make time to exercise. Why can’t you? I cannot stress this one enough. With consistent practice, I have discovered that working out is my natural high. Rev up your day by exercising (before it drops off your to-do-list). At the beginning of every week, I make a mental list of fitness goals. I know every day I am working towards those goals. Keep in mind that there is no such thing as a bad workout- only the one that didn’t happen.

Eat a Healthy & Hearty Breakfast

Keyword- Healthy. Now you have the advantage of brewing a delicious cup of coffee and making a wholesome meal. Healthy food fuels and invigorates you for the day. I always stick to fruits, vegetables, and high protein foods like eggs, breakfast meat, and Greek yogurt. Mixing up breakfast meals will help keep things interesting. Whoever said breakfast is the most important meal of the day is beyond accurate.

It isn’t always about having time, but about making time to try and develop these habits.

Try some of these tips over the course of the next month- I would love to hear your feedback! Have a great day.


Out Perform, Out Distance, and Out Shine


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