Are You In It For The Long Game? #41

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Tune into this week’s episode where Richard talks about the long game and how you can break your BIG dreams down so that you will win in business.

What’s the purpose of what you do every day? Do you understand your why and your outcomes? Once you understand and really know your why you can play the long game in business. You can stop working on the micro tasks each day and take away the pressure that we put on ourselves to achieve.

As business owners, we put so much pressure on our short terms goals and what went wrong today. If you break down your outcomes you can very clearly see what you have to achieve and all the steps you have to take inorder to be successful.

Watch the video and find out how you can succeed in business in the long game.

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Video Transcription

Welcome back to Quick Wins with COM. I’m Richard Toutounji, and today I’ve been thinking about this thing called the long game. And I’ve been thinking about, “What’s the purpose? What’s the real purpose we do what we do every single day?” It’s understanding your outcome. Understanding your way. And the question mark is, do you have a big enough why? Do you understand what your why is? When you understand your why and your purpose, I really believe that you can play the long game in business, the long game in life, and not playing these micro steps every day. There’s too many conversations, and there’s too many micro seconds every day. Well, there’s too much pressure going on us.

And really, if we break down the outcome of why we’re doing it, what’s our purpose, things get a lot easier. Things get a lot better. Things get happier because we’re playing the long game. As business owners, we do put a lot of pressure in our soul for the short game. We put a lot of pressure on the short game, and say, “Hey, we haven’t made the results today.” That means it didn’t go that well today. That new partner I got aboard didn’t work today. That marketing idea didn’t work today, but when we look back and look at our long game, it might be the process that needs to get us there.

And it might be that adjustment you need to make to get us there, because it’s the small adjustments along the way if you’re playing the long game and make the big difference. Start thinking big. I like to dream up as big as possible, like really big. And once you dream up really big, then we have to do, you just take it down a step. Take it down a step. Take it down a step. You take it down to a place where you feel comfortable. You feel comfortable. You have the resources. You have the income. You have the staffing solutions. You have all the processes in place.

And then you start working on the year goal. The two-year goal, the nine-day goal, and then you break it down. Nine days. You break down 30 days. You break down weekly goals. You break down daily goals, and you break it down to dos. Once you get to that stage, everything is winning, because you know you have a big outcome to reach. I really think that it’s important to understand that got to stop playing the short game. You just stop playing the “Did it work today?” But when you look back … and this is what’s I’ve always done.

Whenever I’ve looked back, and the great thing that when I look back is journaling, I use Evernote to write in my journals or write it on a piece of paper, and then I reflect. I reflect to see what’s happened, what didn’t go my way. But it’s only when you reflect and you look and you see what you’ve achieved. Then you go, “Wow. I’m actually on track. I’m actually on track for my long-term goal.” Then it starts to hit you, and you go, “This is actually working.” So, next time you’re having one of those days, next time you’re having one of those days thinking, “It’s not working. Nothing’s going to plan,” think about the long game. Think about the changes. Think about the adjustments that you’ve already made.

And then think about, “Are you on the right track? Is what you’re doing working today?” That’s another episode of Quick Wins with COM. I’ll see you next time.

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