Facebook Zero: The End of Facebook Pages? | Quick Wins With COM Episode 50

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What is happening in the world of Facebook at the moment? Is this the end of Facebook Pages as we know it? Are we looking at a zero percent page reach in the future? How could Facebook do this to us? Well, no doubt, there’s a lot of changes happening right now to the Facebook Algorithm and many business owners are unsure what these changes mean for them.

This new Facebook update has been dubbed by online marketers as ‘Facebook Zero.’ For the reason that we could well be seeing a decline to 0% for organic reach. But what are the actual changes that have happened to the algorithm and how is it really going to affect businesses?

Mark Zuckerberg made an announcement a few weeks ago that mentioned that they want their members (all 2 billion of them) to have more meaningful conversation on the platform. He believes that more meaningful conversations turn into more positivity and when we engage with real people (compared to brands and pages) we have more of a sense of connection in our lives.

But what does that mean as a business owner who has a business page on Facebook? Organic reach through Facebook pages has already decreased over the last few years and unfortunately, we are going to see an even steeper decrease because of this update.

Individual Interactions Will Increase

The types of interactions that we are going to see an increase in our newsfeed are those interactions between two individuals  So a conversation in comments between two friends will be seen more on Facebook than an interaction between a page and an individual. This is because Facebook sees that interaction between two individuals as more authentic and organic.


The Importance of Facebook Groups Will Increase

The other good news we’re we’ll see an increase is with Facebook Groups. Facebook Groups have continued to increase in popularity on the platform since their introduction and with the new algorithm changes, we will see even more of them in the newsfeed.  If you don’t already have a group as a business where you are interacting with your leads and customers and adding real value, then you need to get onto this ASAP. Many business owners are finding that Facebook groups are a great way to interact with leads and add value to their existing customers. Plus it’s always great to know that everyone gets a notification when you post in a group, compared to your fan page!

One of the biggest roadblocks we hear from business owners is that they want to keep their Facebook profile just for personal use and not for business use. Unfortunately, that is not where we see Facebook going. Mark Zuckerberg is asking us to do both.


Facebook Lives For The Win!

A great way to create more engaging one-to-one content is to do more Facebook Live Videos. If you can build a live audience and get people interacting, , that is in essence quality, authentic engagement on your posts and these kind of posts are more likely to be seen in the news feed.
Like it or hate it, this is the way that Facebook is moving forward. Instead of worrying about how this will affect you, it’s best to get ahead of the changes and do what you can as a business to continue to add value to your customers and potential customers and create real, authentic interactions with them on the Facebook Platform.

At the end of the day, how can you navigate this change to the Facebook Algorithm as a business owners? It’s about making sure that you are having meaningful conversations with people on Facebook. Not just posting, but engaging with  your audience through asking questions, encouraging comments, replying back to comments and engaging in discussion.

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