How To Create A Braveheart Mindset In Your Business | Crush Wednesday Ep 14

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When you walk into your day or your workplace or your business do you see it as a battle? Or are you walking in unassuming and naive?

Don’t get me wrong – we all love our businesses, but everyday when you walk into your business there are battles that you have to face. Emails that are going to sidetrack your days, staff members who are going to change your priorities.

And if you want to win the day and be successful without losing your mind or blowing your top then you MUST approach your day with a mindset like braveheart. Ready to face the battles of the day.

This takes shifting your mindset BEFORE you walk into work, or before you check those emails, or before you even take a call in the morning. There are four mindsets that you need to shift in order to have a braveheart mindset.



  1. Give Up Your Bad Mental Habits.



In business we have to use our mind quite a lot. If you want to scale your business and take it to the next level it takes a lot of mental focus. You need to ensure mentally you need to give up your bad habits.

Train your mind. Build mindst practices into your day like meditation, practicing grattitude.  Most importantly, stay in your lane – stop resenting other people’s success and simply work towards your own.

Strengthen your mindset. Business is about adjustments everyday in order to get to our goals.


  1. Accept Life is not fair


We need to understand that life isn’t fair – it was never designed to be. Some days are not going to go the way you planned and when you have that mindset – it actually helps you to cope with that, instead of whinging and complaining.

Be ready for problems to arise. If you are prepared and ready for those problems then it’s not going to come as a surprise. You’re literally ready for these things to arise.

  1. Talk is Cheap

Social Media and other online platforms have caused some of us to become ‘gunna’ people. We’re gunna do this or we’re gunna do that. We spend so much time in planing and strategy – but at the end of the day execution is all that matters.

If you don’t start now – when will you ever get started? Start today, stop talking about it and just go and do the pushups!

Talk is cheap – but results will speak loud!


  1. Find your courage

Inspiration is great, as long as you back it up by getting the work done. Find the courage comes back to just getting the work done. Don’t let fear hold you back from getting great work done.

So, walk into work today with a braveheart mindset – ready to win the day. Even if you have to come in a little later, so you are in the right mindset. What do you think? How do you get ready for your workday?



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