Brand Vs. Sales | Crush Wednesday Episode 82

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For many people, it is hard to find the right balance between brand and sales. In this episode, Richard distinguishes the difference between brand and sales and what you need to do to increase sales and enhance your brand at the same time.

If you’re a franchise owner and you already have a brand or you are a business owner building up your own brand, you need to push your brand out and get your values heard as well as get the sales you want. 

What is the brand apart from a logo?

The brand is your identity, it is what you’re known for and it is everything you will get paid for. Take a look at Nike, this is a brand everyone knows. You purchase Nike because you know and trust the brand. At the same time brand doesn’t make sales straight away. 

What are sales apart from money?

Sales are when you make a transaction with someone and you sign them up to your business, hopefully for a 12 or 6-month program. Sales are about being strong enough to take on the transaction and you need to provide an outcome, which is results! Your clients will tell you if you are good if they stick around.  If they don’t stick around you may have a retention problem, an issue with getting results and ultimately this is a brand problem. If you can’t get results then the sales need help and ultimately your brand needs help.

If you can’t get good reviews or good testimonials it means you don’t have a good product. If you don’t have a good product you need to fix your brand. You need confidence in selling your brand. You can’t just focus on the special offer you need to do more!

A brand is a long game, sales are the short game!

You may not establish the brand straight away and it can be very hard to develop whereas you can make a sale straight away. In the sale phase, they are just getting to know you and you need to make sure your brand is strong.

You can do this by: 

 1. Making content – create content videos, make them regular and make sure they reflect the image you want your customers to see. 

2. Hold events – run community events, partner with local places that will draw in your customers, run bootcamps and do it consistently. 

Don’t stop being consistent – it is the game of brand, there is not enough brand consistency to get results. You can be focused on the sale but you need to remember that the brand is important as well.

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