Dr Bobby Chhoker – Ninja On The Move

In this episode of Ninja On The Move Richard speaks to Dr Bobby Chhoker, one of our Ninjas. Dr Bobby is in the business of smiles – he’s a dentist and specialists in dental implants.

Dentistry is a really competitive industry and Bobby, who joined our program 4 months ago was really lost before he started. Marketing was hit and miss for him and he wasn’t really sure what worked.

Since coming into the Ninja Program not only has he learnt and implemented so much from the program. He’s also worked with our Ninja+ Marketing Services team to developer his personal brand and logo. He literally shows his logo to everyone – he loves it that much!

He talks to Richard about how important it is to be aligned with the right people especially as he is in the infancy stage of his business.

As part of Bobby’s strategy as a new business owner he really wanted to focus on strong partnerships as a way of getting more leads into his business quickly. In the past it had been hit and miss with partnerships as the model wasn’t quite right. Once he implemented a monetary value for partnerships, it worked straight away.

One of the surprising benefits of being in the Ninja program was that he found one of his main referral partners right in the program in another member!

Bobby’s always had a good work ethic and worked hard his whole life. But by being part of the program he’s can now use his time wisely, instead of scratching his head wondering what works online.

Congratulations Bobby on the success of your business so far and we look forward to hearing more from you in the future.







Episode Transcription

Richard T.:         Great. Welcome to Ninjas on the Move. Today, I’m joined by a very special ninja, Dr. Bobby Chhoker. Welcome to the show.
Dr. B. Chhoker:     Thank you, thank you for having me.
Richard T.:         You’re all about smiles.
Dr. B. Chhoker:     That’s correct.
Richard T.:         I’d love to know what you do. Go a bit deeper into what does Dr. Bobby Chhoker do.
Dr. B. Chhoker:     I, essentially, am an implant dentist.
Richard T.:         Yes.
Dr. B. Chhoker:     It ranges from providing a single missing tooth, a single tooth, but my main forte is doing complete full mouth rehabilitations and smile makeovers.
Richard T.:         All right, so you’re really working on people that have lost their teeth and don’t have much of them left, I’m assuming?
Dr. B. Chhoker:     Yeah, and a lot of patients come in. They’ve either lost their teeth and wearing a denture, which was a gold standard once upon a time ago, or we have people that have terminal dentition, where they’ve had gum disease, broken down teeth, they had decayed teeth, or disease. It’s not only removing the disease, it’s also giving them a new smile.
Richard T.:         Now, you’re in a competitive industry.
Dr. B. Chhoker:     I am.
Richard T.:         Very competitive industry. You’ve been a ninja. You’ve come into ninja programme in the last four months, I believe.
Dr. B. Chhoker:     That’s correct.
Richard T.:         I’d love to know why you came into the ninja programme and what you’re wanting to get out of it.
Dr. B. Chhoker:     Initially, I was in a phase where there’s a lot of new things coming along and I think I’m fairly tech savvy in anything but I was lost. I had no real direction as like what do I do first, do I do that and when you go to a lot of people in this field, you find that it’s hit and miss. You get some people that are great at it and very earnest and honest about what they do and really take pride in their business and then, you had other people that basically, it’s just not working and then, you’re just putting more and more money you fill into a hole. When I came to one of your seminars, one of your free seminars to come and talk about what it is that you did, I was really impressed. It sort of was that moment where finally, I found what I was looking for.
Richard T.:         Great. It’s good to have you in our programme.
Dr. B. Chhoker:     Thank you.
Richard T.:         What did you get out of the ninja programme in terms of the awareness and the marketing and the branding of your brand?
Dr. B. Chhoker:     Well, initially, I didn’t actually have a logo to my brand so I actually used one of your services, which I personally thought was amazing value for what I got. I love my brand now. I love my logo. I’m showing it to everybody. I’m making everyone sick of my logo. They see it all the time, so I really enjoyed that. I like that process as well because it was really interactive. I felt like I was involved all the time and there’s never a point where I felt like I was being rushed because I’m using up time or resources. Everybody was willing to give as much as possible and that really helped me and it also made me feel that I’ve got the right relationship with people that are lined with my morals and ethics.
Richard T.:         Part of a ninja programme, you had your Maximizer session, your initial strategy session. What tangible benefit did you get out of that initial session to the direction of what your business had to do?
Dr. B. Chhoker:     That was highly beneficial because I am a real infancy stage of building my business. There’s a lot of people here that are already in business and I’m restarting that. Whilst all these other things were going, rather than being idle, Tim really fine-tuned what I should be doing now in order to later. One of the main things that he said that was be very strong for me is to create really good partnerships, but with people that are aligned with my way of thinking and the business and my mission statement, where I want to go. That instantly bear fruit. They were like one of the people are actually outcome on the ninja programme who we’ve created a business-to-business direct relationship with referring patients into me and also, this business owner, she wants me to go over and take care of the business and help within the business that she’s already created. That was an instant win.
Richard T.:         Great.
Dr. B. Chhoker:     There were people that I didn’t even think of as that, why would I go and talk to the laser clinic or the people that do nails? Up until then, the way that we tried to get business to business was saying, “Well, look. If you refer some people up from the laser clinic, I’ll refer some people back to you.” That just wasn’t working and it was right under my nose but you always say that until someone does that, that light bulb comes up and they tell you what’s going on. Instead, we put a monetary value to it from the number of referrals we got.
Richard T.:         Sure.
Dr. B. Chhoker:     We said we will give you X amount for each one of the people that you send to us and take up treatment and that is working straightaway.
Richard T.:         You got tangible income back from that partnership.
Dr. B. Chhoker:     Absolutely, 100%.
Richard T.:         From that partnership, have you made up the fees that you’ve paid Com for the ninja programme?
Dr. B. Chhoker:     I think from just that first association within Com, and that was like within that first month, now probably the third month … Actually, for the first month, we got somebody and then within three months, once the treatment is completed which would probably be another three or four months, I probably would have covered enough for the year.
Richard T.:         Amazing. It’s literally in a few tiny changes that you can take something and create it and from what you’re telling me, you haven’t even started the social media and the marketing. You’d literally just taken from the maximise session and really created a very profitable partnership.
Dr. B. Chhoker:     Yeah. I’m not even out there yet and it’s coming back.
Richard T.:         Amazing. Part of being in a ninja programme, people want either more profit, more leads or more time off. Can you talk about the time off and the construction of your time now that you understand how to really run a successful business?
Dr. B. Chhoker:     I think before I came to Com, and as I said before, I was a little bit lost, I was working really hard. I’ve always been a hard worker from a hard work ethic. I think most people generally are but I wasn’t working wise. All that amount of energy and time and frustration and everything spent was producing very little fruit and now, things have changed completely because it’s streamlined and it’s efficient and I know what I need to do. I’m getting the benefits of all of that, which is allowing me to have much more quality time with my family as opposed to having my head in a book or a computer trying to scratch my head and figure out how this aspect of social media or online marketing or something works.
Richard T.:         Amazing. I really love the stories of time the most because ultimately, we go on a business to create more time, to be around our family and nobody says, “Hey, let’s work, work, work more. “They really want time off so I think pure time off is the catalyst of profit of leads of total freedom so well done. Congratulations on your success.                    M; Thank you.
Richard T.:         Thank you. I’ll see you next time on Ninjas on the Move.