Dr Bobby Chhoker – Ninja On The Move

In this episode of Ninja On The Move Richard speaks to Dr Bobby Chhoker, one of our Ninjas. Dr Bobby is in the business of smiles – he’s a dentist and specialists in dental implants.

Dentistry is a really competitive industry and Bobby, who joined our program 4 months ago was really lost before he started. Marketing was hit and miss for him and he wasn’t really sure what worked.

Since coming into the Ninja Program not only has he learnt and implemented so much from the program. He’s also worked with our Ninja+ Marketing Services team to developer his personal brand and logo. He literally shows his logo to everyone – he loves it that much!

He talks to Richard about how important it is to be aligned with the right people especially as he is in the infancy stage of his business.

As part of Bobby’s strategy as a new business owner he really wanted to focus on strong partnerships as a way of getting more leads into his business quickly. In the past it had been hit and miss with partnerships as the model wasn’t quite right. Once he implemented a monetary value for partnerships, it worked straight away.

One of the surprising benefits of being in the Ninja program was that he found one of his main referral partners right in the program in another member!

Bobby’s always had a good work ethic and worked hard his whole life. But by being part of the program he’s can now use his time wisely, instead of scratching his head wondering what works online.

Congratulations Bobby on the success of your business so far and we look forward to hearing more from you in the future.


Episode Transcription