Learn how to build a successful personal training business that stands out from the crowd by attracting the perfect clients.

What's Your Ultimate Goal?


Reduce One on One Training

You love training clients, but spending 40+ hours a week in the gym is just getting too much and you'd like to spend a night at home every once in a while - you deserve it after all?


Build a 100k PT Business

Your ambitious - we get it. You didn't become a personal trainer to play it small - you want to make an impact and scale your business - fast.


Take A Holiday

Sometimes all you want is to just take a holiday once and a while and have your business still operating.

Let Us Introduce You To
The COM Ninja Success Process...

The ninja success process has been developed over years of working with health and fitness professionals - developing specific tactics and strategies that work at various stages of business. Some businesses need a cash injection and we have so many strategies that we teach to get cash flow FAST in your business. Other businesses needs a steady consistent flow of the RIGHT leads - we can help there too. Other businesses need to streamline operations or scale, and you guessed it - we've got strategies that have been tested over time that WORK.


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Local Sydney Based Trainer Doubled Her Conversion Rate!

Adelaide Personal Trainer Opened A Brand New Location!

Become A COM Marketing Ninja

Our Signature Program is Designed To Get the Maximum Results For Personal Trainers


The COM Ninja Program is a 8 month program for business owners who want to supercharge their fitness business. At COM we believe in a structured process to ensure you gain the most out of the program and have established our own COM Process which is education modules to assist you with all areas to ensure you maximise and grow your fitness business.

  • LIVE training events in our Sydney COM HQ

  • Online Training Monthly

  • Support from our COM Experts

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Join the hundreds of other Health and Wellness businesses who have grown their businesses through the Ninja Business and Marketing Coaching Program.