Hosted by Richard Toutounji, Evielyn Chapman & Nolan Fisher, the Marketing Muscle Up Podcast is where we have real conversations around marketing your health, wellness and fitness business.

We go behind the scenes of what's working in the world of marketing (and what's not). And we focus on actionable strategies that you can take away and use in your business right now

How to Grow Your Business By Niching | Marketing Muscle Up Podcast Ep 6

Welcome to Episode 6! Today we’re talking all about the fastest way to transform your business and grow in the most fast and efficient way ...
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The Power of Coaches & Mentors To Scale Your Fitness Business | Marketing Muscle Up Podcast Ep 5

This week on the podcast we talk about what it takes to scale your fitness business, which comes out of an interview that Richard did ...
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Know Your Numbers | Marketing Muscle Up Podcast Ep 4

This week on the podcast we dive deep into the topic of knowing your numbers. Business is a numbers game. The more leads you get ...
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Want More Episodes? We've Got Them...

Personality For Your Brand | Marketing Muscle Up Podcast Ep 3

In this episode we talk about how to build a personality for your brand.
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Our 2019 Marketing Predictions | Marketing Muscle Up Podcast Ep 2

Tune in to Episode 2 as we talk about our top marketing predictions for the rest of 2019 - they are probably not what you ...
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Everyone Has A Story – Marketing Muscle Up Podcast Ep 1

Welcome to the first episode of the Marketing Muscle Up Podcast, bought to you by COM Marketing. Today we’ll introduce you to our 2 hosts ...
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