The Industry Change Show is a series of interviews with the movers and shakers that have built thriving businesses in the fitness and wellness industries during a period of significant digital and technological disruption. Hosted by Richard Toutounji, who has himself transformed many businesses and the industry throughout his 20 + years, uncovers the secrets that has allowed these businesses to not only anticipate change but also grow exponentially with the surge of technological advancements. 

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How To Position Yourself For Predictive Profits – Industry Change Ep 13 with Steve Brossman

  This week on Industry Change, Richard sits down with influencer, former athlete and best-selling author, Steve Brossman. They discuss ...
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How To Come Back From Failure | Industry Change Episode 12 With Geoff Jowett

In this week's episode of Industry Change, Richard interviews Geoff Jowett. Geoff is a veteran of the fitness industry being ...
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How To Cut Your Marketing Budget in 2018 | Industry Change Episode 11 with Justin Tamsett

In this episode of Industry Change Richard talk with Justin Tamsett, founder of Active Management, and part of the industry ...
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The Evolution of Sales – Industry Change Episode 10

This week on Industry Change Richard met with Steve Jensen, who has worked in the lifestyle industry for 30 years, ...
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From Hobby to Global Business – Industry Change Episode 9

This week Richard sits down with long term collegue and friend to COM - Dan Henderson, Co-Founder of Functional Training ...
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Business or Pleasure – Industry Change Episode 8

This episode of Industry Change, Richard is in the amazing Maldives, speaking with James Schramko owner of Super Fast Business. ...
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Sales is not a Dirty Word – Industry Change Episode 7

On this episode of Industry Change Richard is in Malaysia speaking with Jason Campbell at Mindvalley about the positive side ...
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People Follow People – Industry Change Episode 6

Welcome to Industry Change Episode 6 with Richard Toutounji. This week Richard speaks with Sam Cawthorn, international motivational speaker and ...
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The DIY Real Estate Game – Industry Change Episode 5

In this episode of Industry Change Richard talks to Malcolm Gunning, the President of the Real Estate Institute of Australia ...
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The Evolution of PR – Industry Change Episode 4

In this episode of Industry Change Richard talks with the founder of The Comms Department, Bec Brown. They chat all about ...
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