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$10,945 ( Save $995 )

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$5,720 ( Save $500 )


*this is an expired price and is only honoured with existing clients

The COM Scale Program is our next level, invitation only program suitable for businesses who have been specifically selected. 

Perfect For Business Owners Who:

  • A clear pathway to achieve marketing results for your business
  • A understanding of how to use online marketing to get your message out to the world
  • Valuable digital marketing content from eight education modules that teach you the new online marketing concepts to help you gain more leads and conversions
  • Support from other successful business owners who can relate to you
  • Measure your progress through accountability
  • Confidence and clarity with the direction of your digital marketing plan each month
  • PLUS… BONUS Marketing Essentials Course: The Must Have Course To Help Your Business Thrive Online. This course includes 4 modules with 12 training videos focusing on Marketing Starts With Branding, Position Of Power, Avatar, Sales & Marketing Funnel and Company Manifesto