Discover how to position your business as one of power and strength online

Find Your biggest advantage today and discover for yourself the feeling of having more leads than you ever had before.

The reason most businesses fail is because they are waiting to see what the industry trends are without understanding what their own position of strength is.

Why is it that some Fitness, Health & Wellness business are always busy and yet some are struggling to fill even their most popular times. In this video, I'll share with you the secret that makes these businesses retain an endless amount of quality and consistent clients.

Stop waiting to change and hit the gains you deserve in your business today. Act now and have your business constantly delivering results that you will actually be happy with.

What You Will Gain From The Marketing Essentials Course

  • How to get paid your worth for years of training and education

  • Discover who can afford your service and where they are

  • Avoid wasting your time on people who will NEVER buy your training

  • How to leave your competition at the start line

What You Will Gain From The Marketing Essentials Course


When you define your posting in your business you will be able to pick the position of strength where you will be chosen as the best person to achieve your clients results. The person who has the best position will always be the one that is looked upon as the leader and the industry and will be looked to as the person who can provide the best results.

Ensuring you pick the right position for your brand will attract the most dedicated clients in a waiting line to train with you, but equal the greatest profits that you have ever seen. When you discover this position of your own Uniqueness you will not only be the most sort after Fitness, wellness and Lifestyle professional


Richard will show you how to:

  • Get Paid What You're Worth

    Learn how to get paid your worth on your years of training and education

  • Get Ahead of Your Competitors

    Discover how to leave your competition at the start line

  • Find Your Uniqueness

    Discover your position of your unique strength in order to stand out from the crowd


Without having anyone to sell your services to is like saying “all the gear no idea.” You can understand your position of strength but it means nothing if you can’t enlist a new army of clients that believe in your position and that you will be the one to lead them to the ultimate results.

This is the part that can easily be forgotten: having the best gym and all the right qualifications gets you nowhere if it falls on empty years..

Its time go out and spread your message to the right clients that will not only train and take up your services but also bring their friends, family and then tell everyone that you’re the best in the business. Without targeting you might as well put a full page ad in the yellow pages.

Today we have more training providers and more free information than ever before, which means that today's consumers are looking for leadership and direction. In this module you will learn how to find these clients and welcome them to your side of the fence.

Richard will show you how to:

  • Communicate To Your Marketplace

    How to communicate to your audience in today's marketplace.

  • Discover Your Avatar

    Discover who can afford your services and where they are online.

  • Avoid Wasting Time

    Avoid wasting your time on people who will NEVER buy your training.



Its time to talk. We have the right position, We have the right Targeting - now time to lead and never follow again.

People buy with emotion. That is why the biggest brands spend millions on getting their clients to buy into what they believe in. They know that all purchases are all from how we will feel when we do it. What will it do to drive us. It’s like starting a workout and knowing that it is hard at the start but when you get into it you love it and you walk out feeling amazing.

  • Create Your Vision & Mission

    Learn how to define your vision and mission so it's clear what you stand for and the right people are attracted.

  • Determine Your Values

    What are you passionate about? What are your 'no go' zones. Define what you stand for.

  • Craft Your Manifesto

    Once your clear on your vision, mission & values - it's time to create a manifesto for your brand.


Welcome to the COM funnel! Through understanding this key part your sales and marketing process, you will open yourself up to create more clients that are eager pay for your services now as well as those who may not be ready today, but will run to your business in the future.

Understand how awareness, engagement and conversion work in your potential clients buying journey. When you put the COM process in action it makes the whole process of marketing not so daunting and sales much easier when that client comes in the door.

Richard will show you how to:

  • Segment Your Prospects

    You can’t treat every prospective client the same (Why it’s essential to diversify the way you treat each prospective client)

  • Provide Better Support

    To be able to provide better support to your higher paying clients

  • Stop Selling

    That you never have to hard sell to your clients again (How to lock your clients in with ease)


Ready To Find Your Position of Power?

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What You Will Gain From The Marketing Essentials Course



4 x Online Video Modules
Slides & Downloadable Worksheet
BONUS: COM Toolkit - Tactical Step By Step Marketing Videos
2 CPD Points
5 CEC Points