Are Free PT Trials Dead | Quick Wins With COM Ep 53

  Are you struggling to get leads in the door in your fitness business? Are you offering free trials and yet you find still no one is taking up your offer? One of the biggest mistakes that Personal Trainers and gyms make these days is that they are marketing their equipment or facility. The ‘stuff’ of…

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Using Videos in Online Marketing #47

  On Quick Wins With COM this week Richard shows you the best videos to use in your online marketing campaigns. Online video can do a lot for a business’s outreach and is helpful for brands who want to have better engagement with their customers online. With the technology we have these days it’s easy…

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Get The Most From Your Videos #45

On this weeks’ episode of QWWC Richard shares six methods to create more content from videos. Making videos is a great way to showcase your knowledge and your business to a wide audience, but there’s a lot more to be generated than views. Richard’s six methods include: Create Content in Batches Publish Your Content on…

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